Catholic bishops urge Prime Minister of India to uphold secular principles


Bangladesh is facing a crucial moment in politics News Beyond The Borders)


(Bangladesh Cannot Resumes The dream after the fall of the autocratic regime in 1990 As the Political leadership cannot Get Out from the Networking Of The same bureaucracy That Made The Country In A political turmoil & The Corruption.)

Bangladesh is facing a crucial moment in politics. Behind the scenario non-democratic forces are again in play with the name of third force.People are annoyed of the political decisions made by both Govt. and the opposition party.

The 15th amendment of the constitution hasmade politicalviolence in the country. Some political leader and the opposition leaderKhaleda Zia has commented to throw away the amended constitution and thePM Sheikh Hasina told “The 15th amendment is a ‘safeguard’ for theconstitution and democracy as well. We have ensured through the amendmentthat none could be allowed to grab state power by unconstitutional means,”
In this situation…

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Ex-state Senator Challenges Bridgeport Endorsement Of Rival

CBS Connecticut

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A former state senator seeking the Democratic Party nomination for a vacant senate seat from Bridgeport is challenging a rival’s endorsement.

The Connecticut Post reports that former Sen. Ed Gomes says Edwin Farrow, who cast a tie-breaking vote for City Councilman Richard DeJesus, should have recused himself because he was DeJesus’ real estate attorney.

Attorney John King, who represented DeJesus at a dispute-resolution panel meeting Tuesday, said there was no conflict because there was no financial gain.

Farrow chaired the Jan. 15 nominating convention to replace former state Sen. Andres Ayala who’s Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s pick for motor vehicles commissioner.

Gomes will still be on the Feb. 24 ballot because he’s endorsed by the Working Families Party. But the Democrats’ endorsement is a path to $11,500 in public financing.


Information from: Connecticut Post,

Copyright 2015 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material…

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The Right Words, The Right Time.

sara barnard

Fourteen years ago, I wrote a story about a girl.

I was thirteen at the time, and writing stories was what I did. And not just about girls. Planets that spoke to each other, mice who lived in the Underground, magic meerkats and friendly boats. Writing was my thing; it was beyond a hobby and more than just something I enjoyed. It was how I understood the world. Words had all the magic and possibility anyone could ever need. Put them in the right order, and you could create a world of your own. And maybe, if you got them just right, that world would be a place that would mean something to other people.

I’d written countless stories by the time I was thirteen – the first at age 6, in which the acknowledgements page listed all our family pets by name, including the guinea pigs – of varying length…

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Analysis: Do “leaderless” revolts contain seeds of own failure?

Of course, the Arab Spring has now turned into an Arab Winter — more like an Arab Nightmare, with Hosni Mubarak removed from Egypt, then replaced by an elected Muslim Brotherhood, which was then overthrown by a military takeover; Colonel Gadhafi was overthrown in Libya, which has now collapsed into tribal chaos; the brutal Syrian civil war; instability in Jordan and Lebanon; and on and on. Add to all of this chaos the brutal and bloody battle between Israel and Hamas. News Beyond The Borders)

SYED QUAMRUL AHSAN:From the streets of Cairo and Madrid to online forums and social media sites, “leaderless” protests are on the rise. But the very qualities that led to their short-term success may condemn them to failure in the long run.

Activists in Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere say the lack of top-down management has been an important element in their recent success in rallying crowds disillusioned with the ruling establishment, using social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Anti-austerity protesters in Europe have used similar tactics to organize mass street protests they hope will put pressure on governments to rethink spending cuts.

It’s not all online. In street demonstrations, sit-ins and meetings in Cairo, Athens, Madrid and London, loosely organized protesters hold public meetings and votes on immediate logistical issues and wider political aims, trying to build agreement and consensus.

“Our revolution did not have a head but it did…

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SYED QUAMRUL AHSAN:THE GRENADE ATTACK ON SHEIKH HASINA: THE WHY AND HOW OF A NEUTRAL INVESTIGATION >>> The Attack and the Immediate Reaction The grenade attack on Awami League rally at Bangabandhu Avenue on 21 August was undoubtedly aimed at assassination of Sheikh Hasina. Before she could leave the place of occurrence there were at least 9 grenade blasts and many rounds of shooting. A very determined and well-planned attack was launched ? Read More

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