From The Desk Of Syed Quamrul Ahsan, Editor:

I Am In a civil union with Politically anonymous and the activist of different political parties of the World


The Place Where You Can Read The Other Side Of The story.

The Place Where You Can Read The Other Side Of The story. Place Is For News & Critic…………..!

This Is A Place to share News & Critics, Connecting & Organizing Professionals From News Media & Related Organization. We are here to care and share with friends & also to be introduced new people from professionals in news media and associates.
We Are Alternative News Links
The mainstream media is NOT going to tell us what is really going on in today’s society. We are being spoon Fed corporate propaganda by the ‘TV.’ Newspaper & other media everyday in our life. Here you can read the Alternative News & Other Side Of The Story. We are Here to Deliver News instantly with local flavor and international Standard.
We are here & About Our Mission…………………………..!
Yes we may not or not our sole duty to publish all the truth but we ensure that we will not tell a lie or our news portal will not be infected by yellow journalism.
Describing about us by ourselves is tough………………….!
Basically we were a political element and activist since student life.We are political anonymous!. Some are contributing columnist and a freelance writer in newspapers and as well as a Political analyst on the political arena of Bangladesh.writing and editing of social, political and economic column and review is our job and Our goals are to develop news and make the targeted news as perfect and instant to its reader with national views and international standard! We are specialize at social and political analysis in the context of local and international situation.

Syed Quamrul Ahsan, Editor & Chief Executive………!
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